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  One of the common misconceptions with many people within Evangelical Christian circles is that United Kingdom does not need church planters and cross-cultural church planters. While UK History certainly is full of Christian Heritage, the contemporary United Kingdom has moved away from Christianity towards secularism, embracing postmodern thought.  In this section we want to list some of the news articles that we have found and some that have been sent to us to show that the UK today does need church planters and church restoration because a new generation has grown up that has no understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please Pray for the United Kingdom.



Report: More than Half of Britons Have No Religion (Picture is Whitefield's Tabernacle in ruins)

The Christian Post reports that more than half of British people admitted they have no religious adherence, revealed a new U.N. report published this week. The poll stands in contrast to the 2001 National Census which said nearly 72 percent of the population is Christian. The 23-page U.N. report, published Thursday, showed that two-thirds of the population claims no religious affiliation. The report then called for the disestablishment of the Church of England because it no longer reflected "the religious demography of the country and the rising proportion of other Christian denominations." The author contends the role and privileges of the Church of England should be challenged given the new statistics on the state of religion in the United Kingdom.


Why England is rotting

England leads Europe in illiteracy, obesity, divorce, drug use, crime and STDs. Bloody hell

MARTIN NEWLAND | June 11, 2007 | Macleans Magazine

If you would like to view this article it can be found by clicking on this link : Why England is rotting

Some of the shocking information in the article includes:
Britain also has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe, the highest proportion of single mothers, and one of the highest divorce rates.

Britain ranks top, with France, in western Europe in terms of sexually transmitted disease. It has the highest obesity rate in Europe, with nearly a quarter of inhabitants classified as obese.

Britain has one of the highest rates of alcohol abuse in Europe, with a quarter of Britons indulging in the sort of binge drinking that every weekend transforms cities and market towns into Hogarthian hellholes.

Britain also heads Europe in terms of drug abuse. Cocaine use is highest in the United Kingdom, and use among secondary school pupils has doubled in the last year.

Along with Ireland and Holland, Britain has the highest crime rate in Europe. London has a higher violent crime rate than any other city in the European Union, higher than in Istanbul and New York City.

'Christianity 'almost vanquished in UK'

The Archbishop of Westminster lamented the fact that Christianity has been "all but eliminated" as a source of moral guidance in people's lives.  Music, new age and occult practices seemed to be replacing Christ as something in which young people could trust.
Article - Christianity 'almost vanquished in UK'  - GMT, September 6, 2001
Church Closures
Since 1969, 1,500 churches in England have heard that final thud as their doors were shut after their final service after hundreds of years of active life.
The Victorian Society, No.26, November 2007, http://www.victoriansociety.org.uk/publications/redundant-churches-who-cares/

UK Regular churchgoers (of all denominations) amount to 6.3% of the total population.
Between 1998 and 2005 in UK, there was an overall decline in regular church attendance of 15% - and the trend continues.
Only 2.5% of those living in the UK claim to be evangelical Christians.
2005 Evangelical Alliance Census

SO THE QUESTION REMAINS...  DOES THE UK NEED Church Planting and Restoration Ministry???

Our belief is a resounding YES!



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